Trading Faces


Artist: Chrisellie C. Guzik
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas ( Museum Wrap)

Story behind the artwork:

This artwork depicts the different faces and phases of trading, the significant roles and interdependency of each, which empowers the system itself. From producers to sellers and to consumers, each play a vital role in turning the economic wheel of our society.

We as consumers has all the rights to know how and where the products are sourced and access to a standard and fair market distribution.



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About the Artist


Born on December 5, 1978 and the youngest among two siblings. A licensed Dentist and Nurse by profession. Sheilly has always been fascinated with arts, may it be through the stroke of a brush or a meticulously handcrafted piece of creation. Her diverse interpretation of womanity and motherhood is well expressed using acrylic mainly as her medium.

Aside from a successful dental practice, she has gained loyal clients as a polymer clay artist with her intricately finished key chain, accessories and cake toppers just to name a few. You can see most of her artworks in exhibits organized by ARTipolo Group Inc., and her crafts in Facebook page Clayeative chic.

Doc Sheilly currently lives at Antipolo City with her husband, her two sons and a roomful of other extraordinary hobbies.