Artist: Daphne Lagunay
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Story behind the Artwork:

Like Smoking, though known to be as the second-greatest cause of death worldwide, it results in 10% of deaths around the globe, according to the World Health Organization. In the earlier days, Smoking has been associated with Men as for their “Masculinity”; and if some women smoke, they are viewed as “Defiant” or “Emancipated”. However, as time progressed Marketing Strategies has evolved, now targeting the woman population. Today, Smoking for women are viewed with “Sophistication”, “Empowerment” & “Fashion”. Consumerism both depends on and reproduces encompassing an insatiability of desires and needs inadvertently making this part of a societal culture. The cruel trick is that a society of consumers thrives on the inability to ever consume enough, making Companies focus more on revenue rather than the promise to be able to deliver the goods and with the information to the consumers.


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About the Artist


Daphne Lagunay is a self-taught contemporary artist who loves to work on Land/Sea/Cityscapes and Still Life. She is currently associated with a global IT company; hence, most of her artworks are attributed & inspired from her colorful experiences through her travels and encounters at different places and shapes with different folks. Her works are glimpses of these moments which has made lasting impression on her; and she captured its essence with her own style of expressionism.

She has demonstrated an innate skill of unconventional color pallets, that can fascinate your curiosity; and, a positive attitude and a persistent drive to learn and improve her craft.  Recently joining the 2021 GSIS National Art Competition, she is one of our young artists that the art industry would be keen in looking forward how she will be blossoming and captivating the audiences’ hearts.