Slaughter House


Artist: Rey Dulay
Size: 16.5in x 21.5in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Story behind the artwork:
Slaughter house is a facility where animals are slaughter to provide meat produce to the market. Most of slaughter houses do not follow the proper way of slaughtering animals and does not meet public health requirements and pose risk to consumer’s health.


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About the Artist


A self-taught artist who came from a family of visual artists. His art career began during his teenage years when he started joining various art exhibitions with his family.

His art mostly depicts the lives of Filipino people and culture. With his versatility in the most medium of art, he can effectively express his ideals and beliefs in his artworks.

Rey also involved himself in organizing of art organizations and art projects and has launched a series of community art workshops in Paranaque and other parts of Metro Manila to help in developing the talent in arts of community youth and art enthusiasts.

In 1990, because of his passion in art and his dedication of promoting art awareness and education to the youth, he was hired by a gallery located in Las Pinas to provide art education to art enthusiasts.

Rey is also an OFW who worked as an artist / designer in the middle east where most of his company’s clients are palaces and government projects.

In 2019, he co-founded Rights Action Philippines, Inc which aims at promoting awareness and education to the consumers. He organized the HYBRID ART EXHIBIT thru Rights Action Philippines because he believes to the important role of the artist to their society. The advocacy of consumerism can be effectively expressed through art.