Pulutan 101


Artist: Arnel D. Garcia
Size: 24in x 18in
Medium: Cold Cast Resin & Fiber

Story behind the artwork:
Kapampangan is known for best cook, and always pork is the main dish. The different ingredients are in our hands like onion, garlic , potato, peanuts etc. I named Pulutan 101 because here in Pampanga we have this best pulutan like SISIG and have festival also every year in the month of October. Now a days foods in the market are getting higher and higher for this time of pandemic. In God’s name we can survive this!


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About the Artist


is a selt-taught artist , fanciful, surreal, realistic, eclectic and sometimes morbid are just a few of the many words to describe the art of maverick artist Arnel D. Garcia”. But no one who has seen his artworks could deny the fact that they are compelling and that they convey a persuasive message beyond their aesthetic value.

He is a sculpture artist that specializes on the human anatomy and natural elements. His eye for detail in recreating human hands and face is fascinating which gained for him the attention of judges in various competition across the country.