Paper Mache


Artist: Gem Yonzon Blanco
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Story behind the artwork:

Common scene in most fiesta is the sidera where local made art and crafts are sold. This painting depicts the colorful papermache horses made from the town of Paete, Laguna. An enclave of sculptors, carvers and Santo makers. Sold during fiesta’s this paper horses reflects the creativity in rendering line , color and shape in this simple and utilitarian object.




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About the Artist


Creativity runs in the family, Gem Yonzon Blanco came from celebrated pedigree artists; she is kin to the illustrious Yonzon family of Artists. Her father, Felicisimo C. Yonzon was a zarzuela actor, scriptwriter, and visual artist. At a young age, Gem showed exemplary talent in the arts. In her early school life, she joined art competitions both local and international. In Letran High School, she became a member of the Literary and Dramatics Club; her work won the Raya On the Spot Painting Contest and had exhibited at the Jose Rizal Library in Calamba. During her college days, theater guild interest embraced her life as she became the theater’s poster designer, showcase director and production designer.

This artist is also an art teacher readily sharing her love and passion with the inquisive students. Under the UNICEF assisted project Gem shares her artistic ability; her works were shown at the Universal Exposition in Seville, Spain in 1992.

She taught art at the Annual Summer Art Program of the Angono Artists Association, Inc. and handled Special Programs for the Arts (SPA) in public and private schools nationwide. Indeed Gem has the gift of creative expression which she passionately extends to others.