Pang ilang tao kaya? II


Artist: Lauren Jascha A. Tolentino
Size: 20in x 16in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Story behind the artwork:

Apart from affecting society’s culture, consumerism leads to global inequality. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, resulting in a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

Small canned sardines literally don’t weigh 4 kilos and it is surreal to ask for four kilos of canned sardines rather than a single can of it. In a market setting, they normally don’t put them on a mechanical scale before selling, but instead, sort them by size and brands and put them on shelves.

This work explains how many people in a family will consume a single small canned sardine. Usually, a small can of sardine contains 4 pieces of sardine fish and a single fish is good for a single person’s meal. But because of the hardship of life, a single meal is being divided into more members of the family to howsoever put something on their gnawing stomach.



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About the Artist


A 3rd year Fine Arts student majoring in Visual Communication, Lauren Jascha A. Tolentino was born in 2001 in Angeles City, Pampanga, and currently living in Porac, Pampanga.

Jascha finds 3-dimensional artworks interesting that sparks his artistic self in the year 2014. He was a self-thought artist in his early years and explored and tried to master every medium he could use. Recently, he had focused on hyperrealism in various mediums. And, he’s currently venturing to create masterpieces with unusual materials and techniques.

In 2020, he had won a university base Charcoal Rendering Contest. Finalist in 26th Likhang Sining (Open Category) of Rotary Club Makati West. Also, he is an inventor and was awarded 4th place in IPSF – Physical Science Individual Category on Gawad Parangal, Division of Pampanga in the year 2017.

He attended his first exhibit at Guhit Pinas Annual National Convention 5 (GPANC5) in Valenzuela City in the year 2019. SM Telabastagan Art for Everyone, 2019, CRK ART SPACE “Pamitipun”, 2021, CRK ART SPACE “Experience Bayung Porac”. And the recent exhibit at Marquee Mall “Diua ning Pamitipun” 2021.