Artist: Jun Vicaldo
Size: H28in x L20in x W12in
Medium: Synthetic Bronze

Story behind the artwork:
The sculpture depicts a farmer with his produce on the way to the market. It is a simple rustic picture of the life in the olden times but still persisting in small towns to this day. A simple, honest and hardworking man providing for his family and contributing to the economy of the country.




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About the Artist


Priscillano Vicaldo Jr, better known to friends as “Jun” was born in a small barangay in Bicol named Malobago in the town of Sipocot Cam. Sur. The last of six children of a poultry farmer who dispaired of seeing the last child also not wanting to continue the family business.

As a young boy, Jun was always at the river where sticky malleable clay could be found. At first this was just pure play for the young boy but as proven by the years, clay has been his lifelong companion and plaything for his ideas and imagination.

In college at the UP College of Fine Arts he found Napoleon Abueva as a long time teacher and contributed in creating sculptures for him. His facility in modeling the clay in lifelike forms made him a dependable team player in other sculptors studios.

He has garnered awards in some competitions like the AAP 1st prize and honorable mentions sculpture category, GSIS finalist sculpture category, and other art competitions. He has also received the Metrobank Prize for Achievement in Sculpture and Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan from the city of Manila. He has had several solo shows and continues to participate in group shows.

At the moment he is in the process of transferring his studio to Alitaptap, an artists community in Amadeo Cavite. We have yet to see any changes that being in a new milieu would bring. As an open minded artist, any new cross- pollination is welcome.