Artist: Eghai Roxas
Size: 20in x 24in
Medium: Assemblage (mixed media)

Story behind the artworks:

“KONSUMIDOR” (Consumer) is a person who pays to consume the goods and / or the services produced by the seller consumers goods, any tangible commodity produced and subsequently purchased to satisfy the current wants and perceived needs of the buyer. We the consumers have the rights and responsibility to basic needs, safety, information, choice, redress, representation, consumer education and healthy environment.

I made an Assemblage form of art on this Hybrid art exhibit to showcase the value of consumer in my own perspective. Assemblage is a three-dimensional mixed media using objects as elements by combining ready made found objects with varying degrees of modification. I gathered some found objects, grocery items, computer parts, gadgets and the likes to create a piece of art. It engages multiple senses and often requires more physical interaction on viewers part.


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About the Artist


Artist Eghai Roxas started as a Social Realist, decrying the political and economic oppression of his countrymen. With the downfall of the dictatorship and the return of democracy, Roxas travelled to the US and immersed himself in all the international trends. Departing from the intense figuration of Social Realism, Roxas was most struck and beguiled by the then emerging hybrid idiom of Abstract Illusionism bannered by the art of James Havard. From this visual epiphany, Roxas recognized the potency and vitality of illusion as a species of abstraction. The following decades saw a succession of his exhibitions which mined and refined the dynamics of illusionism. (Written by Ian Belleza)