Artist: MJ De Jesus
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Story behind the Artwork:

“Harvest” portrays the hardwork of our rice farmers in broad daylight.

I’d like to show the colors of rice hay and how admirable our culture can be through this painting.

Rice has been on the table of each Filipino family, so this particular subject is very personal to me.

We always share rice with our Family and peers. It’s not Filipino cuisine without Rice.
I’d also like to highlight the importance of our rice farmers since it’s becoming an issue these days.

Rice should be affordable for every Filipino regardless of their social status, and without our local farmers, there will be not much food on the table for our Filipino Families.

However, when I was painting this, I’d also like to show energy and optimism, and so I was listening to Guitar music in the process of this painting, though it’s not Kundiman, but listening to music adds to my energy and expression. The music, emotion, memories and expression influences my brush strokes when I was painting this subject especially the hay as a collective – so this is another memory preserved on canvas. My love for culture, our farmers, personal temperament in colors and expression are now imprinted in this painting. And I hope that you as my audience, can enjoy and feel the daylight, love for culture, and soul of the artist in this particular painting as well.


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About the Artist

Mary Jane Caparas- de Jesus is from Pasig City. Her love for Art rooted from both her parent’s ancestors, Caparas and de Jesus. Filipino comic strip creator and writer-turned film Director Carlo J. Caparas is her mother’s uncle, and Pambansang Makata, Filipino Poet and lyricist Jose Corazon-de Jesus is her great grandfather from her father’s side. MJ has been joining art-related competitions during her Elementary and Highschool years, though her training in Painting and Drawing was through the mentoring of Pasig Art Club (PAC) and apprenticeship by then PAC President, late Jose Pytz Santos, father of Artist John Santos III and brother of National Artist for Music, Ramon P. Santos.

MJ has been painting for 12 years and has joined several group exhibitions and art contests. Her color palette and most of her Landscape and Sunset subjects are influenced by her favorite artists, French-impressionists Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne. Sometimes she does paintings and drawings outside her usual subjects, depending on her current inspiration.