Flowers of Hope #1


Artist: Eric David
Size: 24in x 20in
Medium: Mixed media on wooden panel

Story behind the artwork:

My mixed media artwork is my tribute to all those that appreciate the beauty of nature around us and respect our co-existence with them.

It is also to honor those that enjoy nurturing plant life and make a living out of it to support their families especial the young generation of entrepreneurs in our trying times.

I depicted independent and responsible small children as angels in disguise to add a whimsical feeling to their innocence. It is juxtaposed against the chaos of urban traffic and pollution that became the contrast to the happy burst of colors from the blooming flowers that they are selling.


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About the Artist


Eric David returned to fine arts as inspiration to his graphics and photographs. His fascination with the limitless potential of consumerism, and his influences from such varied things as pop, atomic/space age, cartoons, comics, Japanese graphics, vintage toys, fashion, rock music and commercial art from the first half of the century became mainstays in his artistic expression.

His “Wreckless Worldwide Wonder Art Tour” which kicked off in San Francisco, California as a farewell tour was called “Pop Rock Fashion Robots and the Army of Love”. It consisted of photographs, drawings, wearable art and sculptural installations.

He has exhibited his paintings, drawings, photographs and multimedia work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sydney, Wellington, Nagoya and Manila.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising. He was a principal partner and creative director for his own communication design consultancy group, Eric David Associates, in Sydney, Australia until he chose San Francisco as the studio’s new base of operations.

For two years, Eric freelanced in Los Angeles, California concentrating on clients in the music, film, and fashion industries. Then, as art director at the San Francisco-based corporate headquarters of GAP, Eric helped create the in-house art departments for the visual merchandising divisions of GAP Banana Republic, GapKids, babyGap and Old Navy. His successful work with their advertising and store design teams is deemed pioneering and innovative.