Dues ko po!


Artist: Bryan John Gonzales
Size: 18.5in x 23in x 6in (BxHxD)
Medium: Mixed media relief sculpture

Story behind the Artwork:

“Oh my God!” is one of the phrases that we can say if we are in despair, frustration, or misery. Monthly dues are one of the nightmares of a typical mother who manages the income of the whole family. When the pandemic started, utility fees went high immediately. The desire of everyone to continue living at ease is trembling. No work, no pay but the dues are coming continuously.


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About the Artist


Bryan John Pio Gonzales is a visual artist whose works are mostly socio-political paintings and sculptures.
He is one of the Aeta advocates who use the art in supporting the Indigenous People in the Philippines.
He believes that art should serve the people that can open their eyes to the reality of our country.