Dirty Ice Cream Overload


Artist: Heal Vegerano
Size: 24in x 18in
Medium: Mixed Media in canvas

Story behind the artwork:

Dirty Ice Cream was inspired by watching some blog from social media about the impression of some locals and foreign to our Sorbetes as a traditional Ice cream which is known as Dirty Ice Cream. I got this fascination with reinventing this local food and to be advertised as part of our culture and heritage as one of our unique delicacies. Maybe a new set of flavors and approaches.


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About the Artist


The works of Mr. Gil R. Vegerano Jr. is an exploration of details, multicolored lines and strokes of various layers to make a massive composition along with whimsical approach and radiance.

An alumnus of Far Eastern University (FEU), he took Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Adversiting Arts in 2004. He is one of the semi-finalist of the Metrobank Art Competition in 2003 whose artwork titled “The Good Samaritan” also became the cover of “Tandoz and Other Stories” published by FEU in 2005. He is a grandprize winner of Stamp Making Contest of the Philippine Post Office for the Memorare Manila 1945 Foundation, his artwork will be part of the limited edition Philippine Stamp. He does acrylic, oil, pastel, pen and ink and watercolor and is very adept into digital and graphic arts. A former Graphic Artist of Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp., he is now currently with the Publications Department of FEU working in the same capacity.

His influences in artscene includes the works of Victorio Edades, Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos ‘Botong’ Fransisco, Vincent Van Gough, Richard Kane Ferguson, Rebecca Guay, Yoshitaka Amano, Scott Fischer and Ron Spencer.