Biyayang Dagat


Artist: Mario Jose Sta. Maria
Size: 20in x 16in
Medium: Pen & Ink

Story behind the artwork:
Biyayang Dagat is done in pen & ink, pointilism, after a hard day’s work the fisherman is in his way to marketplace to sell his bounty.

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About the Artist


I studied Fine Arts in Advertising at UST.
I am a retired OFW, worked in UAE, KSA as an Artist/Illustrator.
An illustrator in RPN-9 NewsWatch, as a lay-out artist/Illustrator in
The Philippine Daily Express newspaper and Expressweek Magazine.
I worked in Mars Ravelo’s RAR Publications as an Editorial Assistant.
Right now I do paint and freelance work.
I joined Art Exhibits in Jeddah and Riyadh, KSA.