Artist: Mark Joseph Beloria
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Story behind the artwork:
Bisugo, also called “Jobfish” or “Goatfish”, has a distinct pinkish of light reddish color with yellow highlights. Most popular Bisugo dishes include daing na bisugo and pinangat.


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About the Artist

Mark Joseph Beloria

Mark is an artist who loves to paint specially about nature. He was born on April 15, 1988 in Antipolo, Rizal. He became a member of different Art groups. He developed himself for several years in painting because he believed that “painting can immortalize everything” particularly the nature. That, in the near future will be gone because of rapid changes in our civilization.

He can show his natural talent in drawing and painting through art contest and art exhibits. He is a photographer too, he loves to take pictures and use it as references for his paintings. One of the things that he developed right now and wants to specialize is painting a stream, that’s why he made a series of it that comes also to his own collection of photograph pictures.

At the present, he is an active board member of “ARTipolo”, a group of artists in Antipolo City. That has an aim to help other artists and youth who have dreams to express and show their talent through contest and exhibits in the said city.