Artificial Flavor


Artist: Geronimo Santos
Size: 18in x 24in
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Story behind the artwork:

A glass of water with hands offering empty but colored spoons.

The artwork depicts the myriad of choices the average consumer face each day. We are bombarded with products every day that promises instant gratification; but most of the time, these products are made with artificial ingredients that deceive consumers and can be sometimes, hazardous to one’s health if taken in excess.


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About the Artist


An artist who paints and draws the abstract from nature. Depicting images to its simplest forms using minimal brush strokes, from using textures to knife painting. Constantly seeking to portray the effects of light, instilling mood and emotion.

A graduate of Fine Arts from UST and working as an art director in an ad agency. After abandoning the brush for a decade, he decided to pursue art again in 2013 with the intent of improving his art, painting and self-criticizing every painted canvas. His art is now more mature and his brushwork — confident.