Artist: Jobe Hernandez
Size: 24in x 20in
Medium: Mixed media

Story behind the artwork:

Unregulated consumerism is about societies that cannibalize themselves it turns everything into a commodity, including human beings. It exploits this commodities until exhausted and destroyed.

We allowed the elite to corrupt our values, we measure success on how many things we buy, we are dictated which one is beautiful, we glorify celebrities. Now make you hate the color of your skin such extent that you bleach, they make you hate the shape of your nose in the in the shape of your lips then we seek to be like a celebrity, we emulate their look and behavior, we escape the messiness in life through the fantasy up there stardom…

The fantasy of celebrity culture are not designed simply to entertain. It designed to drain us emotionally, confused us with our identity, blame our selves for our predicament, condition us to chase illusion of impossible fame and happiness, exploiting our inner narcissism..

It becomes a celebration of image over substance.

We don’t like narcissism, but we must never forget that for many corporations this personality is good business. Or it’s a good thing in their eyes…


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