128 Ginintuang Bunga


Artist: Kimpoi Hiyastro
Size: 19.75in x 19.75in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Story behind the Artwork:

“128 Ginintuang Bunga” is the fourth version on my symbolism painting series 128 Golden Coconuts which were the three of them are commissioned from businessmen in relation to Feng Shui.

According to the affinity numerology, the essence of the number 128 is a composite containing the ideas of teamwork, coexistence, self-reliance, efficiency, diplomacy and relationships. Also known as the angel 128 which means luck and prosperity.

The coconut is also a symbol of prosperity and love by many Filipino people because of its health benefits and uses in cuisines.


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About the Artist


Kimpoi Hiyastro was born in Manila, Philippines on 8th of December, 1988. The eldest in two siblings. His parents found his potential in creativity when he was 5 years old. At that age he started asking for a pen and paper, and he draws what he could imagined. His first medium of artistic expression was an ordinary school ballpoint pen; rewarding his ability was to lessen mistakes and accuracy was enhanced in his draftsmanship.

He is a self-taught artist and started his career in drawing when he was in elementary. He does the other schoolmates drawing and art project assignments. His enthusiasm became a big support and nurtured his art skill. His confident able him to express with how he perceive the world through art that makes the world a human environment by combining western and eastern art.

He studied BS Degree in Civil Engineering because he also loves Math. Engineering helped him improve his geometrical drawing barehanded which able him to deepened perspective and figure both useful element in art.

He started to enter the world of Arts in 2012. He mostly does portraits using charcoals. He does figures and enjoy commission works. His loose and broader contemporary works push him to the limit as an in demand young artist. An uprising young star artist his level linage of professional yet a adept versatile. A dexterous artist non yet could break his record and could performs two-handed pencil portrait drawings which he gained popularity. He started using other mediums in 2015, through exploration, from black and white into colored and
from dry into wet media. As a humble artist he would still love to say that he is still not a well known ambidextrous realist artist.