Exhibit Overview

Artist has an important role in our society in influencing perception on various social issues. Through their art, artists can convey message and communicate effectively in promoting ideas, beliefs and opinions that can inspire people to act collectively.

Artists as a particular segment of our society are known to be highly independent but can also work together on collaborative endeavors to create great impact in terms of bringing attention to social issues and advancing change through influencing perception.

Rights Action Philippines, Inc. (RAP) seeks to mobilize the artists to address a gap of information, understanding on various consumer’s issues and encourage them to act to protect and fight for their rights as consumer.

Artists can be put into the task of helping people understand consumerism and its importance on the day to day living, by tapping their inherent talents in visual communications and advertising.

Project Goal

Through its mission in promoting consumer rights advocacy, we aim to gather these artists to be part of Rights Action Philippines, Inc. in its advocacy to fight for the rights of any of its members as consumers and the bigger number of consumers in the Philippines.

As a beginning effort of RAP, it was agreed by the board members to mount an exhibit of paintings and sculptures entitled: “Protecting Our Consumer Rights in the State of Pandemic” on which participating artist will carry out consumer issues and on how peoples live in a consumerist society.

Project Objectives

Generate wide awareness and understanding of the promotion or protection of consumer interests and rights from an artist’s groups perspective.

High impact launch of Rights Action Philippines, Inc. as a consumer group composed of visual artists

Sponsors & Partners